We create community in the world of wellness

​Thai Yeiyya is a massage school and wellness offers courses and training for therapist who are accredited by ASCA. We also offer Reiki courses , workshops for families and friends. A special way to reconnect! We have beginner and advance training program. We also give possibilities to everyone to get treatments, coaching and consultation with the teachers.

Who we Are?

We have given more than 10000 hours of massage therapy, holistic, nutrition, and coaching to people who are searching  for a deeper meaning of healing and living in balance. Our therapists and teachers are certified and accredited by ASCA and RME.

What we Do?

We combine our years of experience, training and our passion in natural and holistic healing to answer individuals needs. We share our knowledge in traditional and natural healing that we gather from different countries and cultures. We help people who are searching for balance and harmony in life.

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